Huge Personalised Sweet Bouquet

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The Sweet Hamper Company Huge Personalised Sweet Bouquets contain over 40 delectable sweets! They are hand made to order in the UK and make a perfect birthday, valentines day or Christmas gift. The assortment of sweets wrapped in this bouquet really does look amazing - and is bound to make the receiver super excited.

They include a free personalised gift card presented neatly in the middle of the sweet bouquet which you are able to edit with a choice of card designs to choose from. Maybe you don't need one are you're just looking to treat yourself??

Please note that some of the below bouquets contents may change depending on stock.

Our Huge Personalised Sweet Bouquet contains:

2 x Fizz Wizz Popping Candy
2 x Stinger Bars 16g
2 x Refresher Packs 34g
2 x Giant Fizzers 40g
2 x Double Dips 19g
2 x Flumps 12g
2 x Bubblegum Strips 25g
2 x Giant Love Hearts 39g
2 x Refresher Bars 18g
2 x Rainbow Drops 10g
3 x Fruity Pops Lollies
3 x Double Lollies
2 x Strawberry Refresher Bars 18g
2 x Millions Tubes
2 x Haribo Tangfastics
2 x Haribo Starmix
2 x Sherbet Fountain
2 x Vimto Chew Bars
Fruit Salad Chewits Stick Pack
Blue Raspberry Chewits Stick Pack