Huge Sweet & Chocolate Bouquet

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The Sweet Hamper Company brings to you our Huge Sweet & Chocolate Bouquet. It's one step up from our large bouquet but contains a few extra special treats for the super chocolate and sweet lover. It contains a mix of sweets and chocolate presented gorgeously in one of our popular bouquet style boxes. This bouquet is ideal for a valentines, Christmas or birthday gift and includes a customised sticker with range of designs to choose from.  It contains a yummy mix of retro sweets, modern favourites and classic chocolate bars. Including Double Dips, Stinger Bars and much much more. This cool huge sweet and chocolate bouquet makes for the ideal birthday or special occasion gift. 

Every sweet and chocolate bouquet and gift is packed in the UK with care and contains a mix of classic sweets, retro sweets and chocoholic favourites. Please note that some of the products contents may change depending on stock.

An example Huge Sweet & Chocolate Bouquet contains: 

2 x Fizz Wizz Popping Candy
2 x Stinger Bars 
1 x Refresher Packs
2 x Double Dips 
2 x Flumps 
2 x Bubblegum Strips 
2 x Giant Love Hearts 
2 x Rainbow Drops 
3 x Double Lollies
2 x Strawberry Refresher Bars 
2 x Millions Tubes
2 x Giant Fizzers 
Giant Buttons
Galaxy Ripple x2
Freddo x2
Flake x2
Crunchie x2
Dairy Milk x2