Teacher's Sweet Gift Hamper

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The Sweet Hamper Company Teacher's Sweet Gift Hamper! Whether you're looking for a token of appreciation or a well-deserved treat for a special teacher, our Teacher's Sweet Gift Hamper is the ultimate choice. It's the perfect way to say "thank you" and bring a smile to the face of someone who has dedicated their time to shaping young minds.

Inside this magical hamper, you'll find an array of classic confections that will make taste buds dance with joy. From Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles that fizz and pop in your mouth to Giant Strawberries that are bursting with fruity flavour, every bite is a delightful surprise.

All of our hampers are hand packed in the UK, with a combination of classic retro sweets all listed below. Please note that some of the sweet contents may change depending on stock. 

An example Teacher's Sweet Gift Hamper contains: 

12" Wicker Hamper
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Giant Strawberries
Dolly Mixture
Jelly Beans
Strawberry Pencil Bites
American Hard Gums
Fried Eggs
Liquorice All Sorts
Sherbet Lemons
Giant Cola Bottles
Foam Bananas
Haribo Goldbears Share Bag
Giant Love Hearts
Barratt Sherbet Fountains
Fruit Salad Stick Pack
Blackjack Stick Pack
Rainbow Drops Mega Bag
Drumstick Lollies
Candy Floss
Refresher Chew Bar
Stinger Bar
Drumstick Chew Bar
Candy Necklaces