The Biggest Ever Sweet & Chocolate Hamper

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The Sweet Hamper Company brings to you The Biggest Ever Sweet & Chocolate Hamper! Wow what an incredible hampers packed full of delectable sweet treats and goodies. You will never have seen so many delectable delights in one huge wicker hamper basket. Its a dream hamper and makes for a wonderful corporate or birthday gift. It comes included with a personalised gift card with a selection of designs to choose from. Some of the classic sweets included are Jelly Beans, Fried Eggs a mixture of Haribo bags. Dont worry, we haven't forgotten about the chocolate fans among us and have included Giant Buttons, Roses, Celebrations and much much more! There are SO many goodies in this giant hamper that we couldn't fit them all in the photo!

Every sweet and chocolate hamper is packed in the UK with care and contains a mix of classic sweets, retro sweets and chocoholic favourites. Please note that some of the hampers contents may change depending on stock.

An example The Biggest Ever Sweet & Chocolate Hamper contains: 

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Fizzy Watermelon Slices
Giant Strawberries
Jelly Beans
Jelly Babies
American Hard Gums
Fried Eggs
Liquorice All Sorts
Teddy Bears
Pear Drops
Giant Cola Bottles
Kola Bricks
Sherbet Lemons
Sour Dummies
Foam Bananas
Yellow Bellies (also knows as Snakes!)
Fizzy Teddy Bears
Heart Throbs
Fizzy Cherries
Foam Bananas
Douple Dip
Refresher Chew
Love Hearts,
Giant Fizzers
Rainbow Drops
Stinger bar
Drumstick Lollies
Rainbow Dust Straws
Drumstick Chew Bar
Giant Parma Violets
Strawberry Jawbreakers
Fruit Salad Chews
Wham Bar
Sherbet Dip Dab
Strawberry Popping Candy
Bubblegum Strip
Candy Whistle
Haribo Starmix
Haribo Tangfastics
Haribo Supermix
Candy Necklace
Maoam Stripes
Gummy Pizza Box
Popping Candy
Candy Sticks
Gummy Hot Dog
Vimto Lollipops
Strawberry Sherbet Fountain
Rainbow Twist Lollipops
Sherbet Candy Cans
Flying Saucers Bag
Fruity Pops Original
Barratt Sherbet Fountains
Candy Watch
Bassetts Sports Mix Carton
Double Lollies
Refreshers Chews Lemon Stick Pack
Refreshers Sour Apple Chew Bar
Drumstick Chews Original Stick Pack
Fruit Salad Stick Pack
Black Jack Stick Pack
Vimto Chew Bar
Dairy Milk
Dairy Milk Caramel
Galaxy Minstrels
Kinder Bueno Bar
Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut
Giant Buttons
Galaxy Ripple
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles
Large Dairy Milk Bar
Lindt Lindor Orange Milk Chocolate Treat Bar
Lindt Lindor Salted Caramel Chocolate Treat Bar
Ferrero Rocher 3 pack
Galaxy Caramel
Galaxy Ripple
Reese's Nut Bar