The Best Sweets and Snacks to take to the Movies!

Movie night

When heading for a movie night at the cinema, the most difficult question is not what you are going to watch but what yummy snacks you will have! What snacks make the best movie snacks?

Whether you are the person who brings their snacks with them or splurges their hard-earned cash on the treats at the cinema, the choice is endless. Do you go for hot/ savoury/ cold or the very problematic loud and crunchy snacks? It is hard to decide.

Below is a list of some of the best sweets and snacks to take to the movies to help you make that all-important decision!

Best Movie Snacks


Popcorn at the Movies

Don't forget to try all the flavours!

It is tasty, easy to share, and if you get a large seems never-ending! The only problem is in the dark, popcorn pieces seem to get everywhere!


The days of not having pizza in the cinema are long gone! Unless you tried to sneak in a slice or two, but that would just get messy! 

Many cinemas now offer pizzas, so now you can enjoy your favourite slice of tomato and mozzarella heaven! Pizzas are shareable (only if you want to) and tasty. However, it could end up being a sloppy mess in the dark when all the toppings slide off the pizza and onto you. Warning though! The delicious smell could distract other moviegoers from watching the film.

Hot dogs

The classic hot dog with onions, ketchup, and mustard …. Heaven in a bun! What's more, no family member or so-called friend can steal a piece. 

Many people love to enjoy a hot dog whilst at the movies, but again, in the dark, things could get messy. Even with the largest of hot dogs, you can quickly finish it whilst watching the trailers and have nothing to nibble on during the actual film.


Warm Nachos with Cheese

They are ideal for sharing with friends and family, tasty enough for kids, not too noisy unless you get one without any toppings and can easily be nibbled on throughout the film. Yes, this is another messy snack, but they taste just too good. It's making me hungry just talking about them!


Everyone loves a bag of crisps, and they are one of the finest snacks around. Every movie night deserves crisps. You can get big bags, small bags in every flavour you desire. Yes, they are great to watch a movie with but crunching on a large bag of crips (even when you are trying to be as quiet as a mouse), you may not be everyone's favourite person by the end of the film.

Another awesome alternative - tortilla chips! One of the American Super bowl popular snacks.

 Other Movie Night Snacks


Who doesn't love a delicious bowl of chips smothered in cheese and their favourite sauce!?

These are an excellent cinema snack; they are easy to share, taste fantastic and are not too noisy to nibble on, so no disrupting other people from the movie!

The amazing smell though is enough to distract anyone from anything. So beware, you may have to share more chips than you want to!

Don't forget the potato wedges!


Dried fruit and nut mix

 For the people who need to eat a healthy snack whilst watching a movie, a pack of dried fruit and nut mix tastes fantastic. The selection of different fruit and nuts, including yummy raisins and delish pecans, offers various flavours. 

These are a terrific alternative to the traditional full of sugar and fat snacks.

Ice cream 

Selection of ice cream flavours

Going to the cinema and getting a small tub of your favourite ice cream is always a treat. From the Ben and Jerry's taste sensations to the tiny tubs of everyone's favourite Haagan Daaz, the only problem is deciding which one or the ones you want to eat! As the tubs are pretty small, they are perfect for NOT sharing,but you do have to devour them before they melt, and the movie may not have even started yet.

Don't forget to pick your favourite flavour, something like cookie dough bites.


Don't forget the best part - just how many different flavours and assortments there are! The perfect way to enjoy a film. Why not buy a box of them!

Chocolate share bags

Who loves chocolate!? Chocolate share bags are fabulous to have when going to the cinema with your family. If each gets a different share bag, you'll have a range of luscious chocolates to eat throughout the entire film. From bags of Munchies, Aero, Dairy Milk Buttons, and the best white chocolate around - Milky bar; the choice is endless!

They are soft to eat, and each taste fantastic; they are the perfect treat for a film night with friends or family.

Pick n mix

Pick n Mix Sweets

Why does it have to be the number one choice? You get to choose all your favourite sweet snacks!

Kids (and big kids) love to search through the large variety of sweets and mini chocolates to find their favourites and then add them to a tub or a bag. This is a lot of fun before the movie has even started! You can have milk chocolate-covered fruit, nuts and raisins, fizzy cola bottles, different types of Haribo, strawberry laces, different varieties of hard-boiled sweets, fruit salads, gummy bears and blackjacks; the choice is endless.

The only problem is having enough time to create the best pick n mix before the movie starts! 

A pick n mix will keep you and the kids quiet during the movie as you stuff your most liked sweet snacks into your mouth! Nom, nom, nom.

Do you need inspiration for a pick n mix or want a prepared one for your next movie night? These create your own pick n mix bags might be just the answer for you. Of course, films are made for eating whilst watching.

Chocolate Boxes

Ok so we've heard enough about candy for now. How about chocolate boxes anyone?! Your favourite bars and your favourite flavours. Peanut butter cups, salty caramel flavours, classic cadburys. You name it, these are perfect for eating at the movies!

Our favourites are;

  • Reese's Pieces

  • Galaxy Minstrels (classic!)

  • Roses (maybe not a whole box)

  • Revels

  • Chocolate covered pretzels

Drinks to enjoy at the cinema

For some who like to have a healthy lifestyle at home, going to the cinema is a chance to indulge in drinks they usually wouldn't have. So, what delicious drinks are the best to get at the movies?

Fizzy pop

Getting the largest, Coca Cola, Sprite, or Tango you can and sipping it throughout the movie.

Most people enjoy their fizzy pop at the cinema. Just make sure you don't drink it all at once; otherwise, you might end up missing parts of the movie!

Slush puppies /Ice Blasts

Every cinema has one of these! A yummy ice-filled drink, either in bubble-gum or raspberry flavours, is excellent to have on a hot day in the cinema. These drinks always tend to be finished quite quickly, so making them last the film is difficult. 


Milkshakes are always tasty, and at the cinema, they may even make them with some of your favourite ice creams too. A drink with your favourite sweet food in?! It soundslike a delicious treat to enjoy the latest blockbuster with. 

The perfect drink to go with those movie night snacks.

Wine/ beer

Finally, an honorary mention for wine and beer. Many cinemas now serve these so that you

can have a movie night with a nice relaxing glass of your favoured wine or beer. These beverages go with movie night snacks such as salty popcorn, crisps with dip and reese's pieces.

Going to the cinema and watching a new movie with your family and friends is always a

joy. It is a time to indulge with your number one choice in snacks and drinks.

What is your favourite cinema snack and why?